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DELUHI Disband (Deluhi Bubar)


saiia mau share ni berita
sori banget baru bisa share

pastinya udah denger kan kabar dari twitnya Leda guitarist band DELUHI
kalo DELUHI disband

ya doa'in aja ini cuma kabar becandaan buat APRIL MOP

tapi kabar ini diperkuat soal kabar
- DELUHI lagi hiatus
- kabar kalo aggy mau keluar dari DELUHI

aku gak bisa jamin ni berita asli apa kagak
saiia juga gak bisa kasih barang bukti, cuz saiia kaga aktif twitter

ni translate-an dari blog DELUHI

this is the translate....everyone, please tell me its a joke....T,T

Since December 1 last year, work was temporarily suspended DELUHI, but
Today (April 1, 2011) announced a national tour of the summernow lifted:
"dissolution" became a thing.

Since the end of the tour last fall DELUHI
"In the future, because a big step forward to more " active rest period was provided to
In such circumstances, "left" because I was determined to be the will of members,
[Juri / Leda / Aggy / Sujk] by four of the activities of DELUHI
I can not face that situation continue.

A result of the whole discussion about this matter seriously,
Of these four will not survive more than DELUHI,
"DELUHI" no sense to act as judges,
I choose the path that is now dissolved.

DELUHI waiting and the resumption of work, you continue tosupport
Fan to everyone, you become to know these things
I am truly sorry.

Members and staff a decision at the end of 悩Mi抜Ita.
In the last nationwide tour starting July 1, the
DELUHI have built everything in the three years since the formation
In order to represent best, the fans and everybody, so you can share the best moments
I put the heart and soul to live.
Somehow the end, DELUHI please everyone all of the champion this.


DELUHI everyone you ever continue to support the fans,
Of everyone involved, thank you very much.



I think many people were surprised by the sudden announcement.
It became such a report as a result,
I am so sorry everyone.

The other activities in DELUHI four members of the nowunthinkable.
It is also a common opinion.
The reality is that the dissolution of myself,
There also honest it was not perceived easily.

However, rather than to stall hiatus
Please understand DELUHI positive idea whether it wasdisbanded.

Will recover their throat discomfort during the hiatus over time,
Susumu Kiyoshi wanted to try to resume more activities.
It still remains the same.
Until the final tours of the summer, DELUHI of my best work hardso as Juri
I'm happy to support 頂Ketara end.


First, sorry to promise faithfully.

"Never come back" I told you
I'm sorry I've been like this.

"To go to a bigger step, " During the hiatus,
DELUHI was always thinking about.

At face value, always wanted to resume work on the growth ofindividual waited.
Clear vision than was visible ahead.

I did not think I broke all honesty.

Talked about the withdrawal of a member results in all times,
Respect the will of him, pushing things to do
What you can do it themselves, led to the conclusion.

What to do DELUHI

I thought the remaining members,
Past three years, have experienced many things in four, a variety ofthings to fret over
Precisely because everyone has all the Live, DELUHI if they were born of music and atmosphere

Even if activity resume in the remaining three,
Even put new members to resume work,
I think it makes sense anymore in the DELUHI Nothing really.

Unthinkable for the first not to show it to everyone.

So I decided to close the curtain DELUHI DELUHI to be out thereas possible.

I believe this is the best decision.


I think the dissolution of the biggest betrayal of all who believe inwaiting.

I am truly sorry.

I got a lot of joy and happiness from everyone so far in the lastnational tour,
Now everybody want to go back.

Please do turned out to walk the path together, a new member andbeloved.

Thank you for supporting me so far.
Kina Hiroshi DELUHI food now.



The official face down but I did my name
Will tell the truth.
The intention of the withdrawal had solidified myself.

This rest period, touching music and art in a flat
I think I have the urge again that the shape of things myself.
The result should be obtained Kano Sawayama thought for what it
I get my own answers.

Many of the artists have a "global show business 突Tsu込Ndarafeet
Can not stop "I read something that said that,
I just realized that so too.
Live and also really hungry, to fill the desire for the
Run to work, the brain is embodied in the outline of the things you want to express yourself.
It is fulfilling and creative with it.
Easy to use the word myself to feel sorry for the weird.

DELUHI activities as a starting member of the staff people for your cooperation,
And all the fans than anything else. Exhausted to really grateful.
Thank you.
Let me grow.

For he is my intention to leave and told they would haveunreasonable
[dissolve] the final form of the two characters are complete,
It was a complicated one to be raised as a result everyone delights
Had the announcement might be.
But the last tour.
I'm thinking I want to make everyone valuable time.
The last stop is going to be feeling very lonely, but,
The least important time "DELUHI · Aggy" as
Thinking of trying to fulfill.
You wanted in it is good because I enjoy along with great pains.
I knew it I was. Thanks!


This time, I am sorry to report the sudden becomes.

DELUHI resurrection to all the fans were waiting for me to believe
Become to betray the form is full of feeling really sorry.

Members, I repeated discussions with staff, these four people's Not
Concluded that the band is DELUHI hold.

There is withdrawal Even if the band continued,
I do not want to compare, I do not want.

DELUHI in me, we had a huge presence,
DELUHI was always together in life.
So, I did not expect to be dissolved.

Really is frustrating.

Member for me, you are like a family,
When I think of the last will be sad to live in these four.
For me, I truly loved our members.
So I think that people should do all four.

DELUHI four people, so
I do not think we need something positive and negative.

It is a translation for this 4 DELUHI who came from one the first time,
Even when finished, I think that people should do all four at the same end.
DELUHI came the band and what.
Is reminded of many things, so I was able to grow it yourself.

DELUHI is really good to think things come to a music career.

And I think everyone glad to have met.
DELUHI now is not only a member
And a lot of people there with the fans.

Last summer's tour will continue all of my heart DELUHI.
Finally, I would appreciate singles champion.

Finally, supporting the ever DELUHI,
All the fans who have supported, staff people, people who matter
We thank all the people who for your cooperation.

Thank you.

yosh OK mina-san
let's pray that this news is only a lie
and that news, just joke in APRIL MOP


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