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ScReW member Profile

ScReW member Profile

Masahito Kojima :: Byou

real name:  Masahito Kojima
Stage name: Byou
Age: 29
Birthday: Feb 9th, 1981 
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: B
Previous Bands: Before joining  SCREW, he is in JOKER and his name is Toge
Height: 172cm (5'6")
Weight: 52kg  (114LBS)

Fun facts about Byou

-Byou went to an all guys high school.
- He likes to  play video games collects toy cars and anything with skulls on it
- He hates rain, vegetables and exercise
- He's a family man, is known to blog about his brothers, mother and grandmother
- He likes glasses and wears them often, but it is not yet known if he actually needs them or not
- He is a baseball
- He loves coffee
- He does not like roller coasters
- He's a bipolar pervert, one minute he's all perverted and next he's all cute or serious
- His favorite place to relax is his bed
- He once said if he were an animal he'd be a lion
- He is afraid of motorcycles
- He has an interest in Jin.
- he like purple

Teishikata Kunihiko AKA Jin

Real name: Teishikata Kunihiko
Stage name: Jin
Age: 29
Birthday: July 22nd, 1981
Blood Type: A
Height: 166cm (5'4")
Weight: 53kg (116 LBS)

Fun Facts about Jin

- He loves Go-Cart
- As a child Jin was uncontrollable
- He loves to laugh
- MacDonald's is his favorite food
- If he wasn't the drummer he'd want to sing
- He has tattoos on both of his arms
- SCREW found Jin over the internet
- If he were an animal he'd like to be a small dog
- When it comes to kids he'd like to have a boy and a girl
- He sleeps in a tank top
- If Yuuto were a woman he'd date him
- Jin usually wears glasses
- His favourite place to relax is the bed
- His previous band was "Living Dead"


Real Name: Unknown
Stage name: Kazuki
Age: 25
Birthday: Aug 5th, 1985
Birthplace: Tottori, Japan
Blood Type:  O
Height: 175cm (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (121 LBS)

Fun Facts about Kazuki

- Byou and Kazuki used to blog about running around their houses naked.
- He is the band's current leader
- He is friends with Kenzo from Ayabie, Aki from SID and Yuuki from Unsraw.
- He loves beer
- Jin and he are the comedians in the band.
- According to the band members he is cheerful, mature and dependable
- He was a wild child when he was young
- He loves to go on roller coasters if he's in an amusement park
- If he could play another part in the band he'd be a dancer with Byou.
- Before he was in a band he was a roadie
- He moved out of his parents' place when he was 15 years old and went to live in Osaka
- He has a lot of piercings, including a belly button piercing but he doesn't show it as often anymore
- He used to live with Byou for a while, but he lives on his own now
- His previous bands are V-Friends and Clover
- He loves motorcycles and he owns one


Real name: Unknown
Stage name: Manabu
Age: 24
Birthday: June 23rd, 1986
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Fun Facts about Manabu

- Yuuto always use to get annoyed by his smoking.
- He's a worrier
- He used to be a support guitarist for ScReW before he joined as an official member
- He likes to read books
- He loves to play video games
- He had trouble identifying Kazuki's hamster Milk as a hamster
- If he weren't playing the guitar in the band he'd like to play drums
- He likes to stay at home on his day off
- He thinks his voice is too deep
- He's a total techie-nerd-fanboy
- He loves to relax on the sofa or when he's using his PC
- He has a bromance going on with Tohya from Vistlip
- According to the other members he is smart, gloomy, young, and cool
- He thinks he's too pale and would like to have longer arms and legs
- He has poor eyesight
- He likes to read romance stories
- He would like to have lots of kids at some point


Real name: Unknown
Stage name: Rui
Birthdate: January 20
Blood Type: O

As the newest member of ScReW not much is known about him yet

Former member:

Todaka Yuu AKA Yuuto

Real name: Todaka Yuu
Stage name: Yuuto
Age: 29
Birthday: June 19th, 1981
Blood Type: B
Height: 174cm  (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (121 LBS)

Fun facts about Yuuto

- He has a sister that got married in 2007.
- His previous bands are 伍百円札 [Gohyaku] →JOKER→gossip(as UJ)→SCREW
- Luna Sea was one of his primary influences
- He was very close to Jin, even saying that if Jin were a girl he'd date him
- He loves playing video games
- One of his hobbies is sleeping
- He used to be Screw's band leader
- If he were an animal he'd be a dog
- He does not like soccer
- He loves chocolate
- He was often the target of Byou's and Kazuki's fanservice on antics on stage
- If he were to have kids he'd like to have a boy
- He does not smoke.

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  1. I lost my brain and choked when I read Byou has an interest in Jin xD I LOVE IT! My forever OTP is ByouJin. aaaaah <3

  2. Haha think the same xDD

  3. screw is my favorite jrock bands i love them so much
    i am so obsessed with byou and kazouki
    all members are talented pretty hot cut lovely and funny
    but i am so sad becouse yuuto san leave its amazing guys too
    i hope screw members still always together and give us wonderful music

  4. Jin is so cool *-* he fit most to me! <3 :D

  5. Does it have a name besides Kazuki exiting? The fact that I never found his real name scares me altogether.