Selasa, 20 September 2011


has released a statement that all
bands they manage...Vivid, Alice
Nine, Born, The Gazette, D=Out,
Sug, Screw, Kra, doubt Musha, for
the fans to stop illegally
uploading, downloading or
making your own videos of all
their Artists immediately,
including copying pictures for
Twitter Icons, Facebook and
Social Network Profile pics, photo
album sharing etc. it is against
copyright laws. They will be
pursuing diligentley anyone who
does so. It will be hard for them
to stop it,but out of respect for
our favorite bands we can all do
some adjusting to our Internet/
Social Networking etc..The
Fanservice, Yaoi, Macros etc have
disrespected the Artists and
directly has affected their
Japan is not like the rest of the
world, they only show a good
image in public and keep their
private life very private. To make
a mockery of their way of life,
talents, showmanship etc is
disgraceful in their eyes and will
no longer be tolerated. One more
door to Japans greatest bands is
being slammed shut. Adjust your
pages, sites, Twitter etc and
respect the artists who do have
families and have to live down
our false accusations about them
in stories, pic, and Vids. This is
Major Folks. Things just got way
harder, don't think you can just
go to Japan now and see one of
these bands, you will have to be
a member of Worldwide PSC and
if caught doing any of the above
they will remove you from the
FanClub. Please Repost to
everyone you know!

3 komentar:

  1. T^T

    english saiah jelek,, jadi kurang ngerti.
    Tapi,, kalo saiah ga salah ini berita udah keluar di FB dari kemaren ya??

    Eeeh,, apa bikin fanfic tentang mereka juga gaboleh ya? ==;a

    maap sebelumnya kalo banyak nanya~~

  2. @miko :: iie udah dari kemaren T^T
    katanya sih gaboleh~ Ati2 aja deh sapa tau ketauan tante Tomonyong

    @afifah :: bentar lagi aku post translateannya ^^