Kamis, 15 September 2011


TORA'S "easy-to-do" BDAY PROJECT (presented by TWW) ^0^/

hiyaa guys,
d tiger's bday is drawing near XD
but... I know that some of u r probably busy (like me >///<) n can't do big projects that consume a lot of your time so.... how about participating in this little project by TWW on d BIG day? ;)

here's what to do on D day (17th of September) :

1. make this photo as your profile picture
that way we can show everyone that we, tora's wives, are united as one XD

2. change your status into something related to Tora's bday (don't forget to say TORAnjoubi omedeTORA mwahahhaa)

3. dedicate a few minutes of ur time to say happy birthday for our tiger in one of these websites :
a. Tora's Blog: http://ameblo.jp/alice-tora/
b. alice nine's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/alicenineofficial/
~leave a comment on d wall~
c. TTHB myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tthbofficial
~leave a comment on d wall~
d. tora's fanmail in alice nine's OHP (japanese) http://web.pscompany.co.jp/alicenine/mpage/tora/mail.html
~send a fanmail~
e. tora's fanmail in alicenine's myspace (english) : http://web.pscompany.co.jp/alicenine/mpage/tora/mail.html
~send a fanmail~

if you don't know what to say in your fanmail (especially for Indonesians yg suka malu2 macan hihihihi)... here's to help you... u can start with this :

Hello Tora, I'm (your name) from TWW, a group of Tora's fans in facebook. I live in (your country). I hope you and Alice Nine can come or have a concert here. Now I want to say... (say your birthday wish and your personal message). Good luck with Alice Nine and TTHB. TWW loves you!!

I hope all of you can support this small project and show our love for d tiger XDD
TWW united woo hooo (>o<)9

p.s. I might be spamming u with this until d day, please bear with me ♥ ♥

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