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Serial⇔NUMBER is one of the up and coming young visual kei bands to keep an eye on. Although they are characterized as oshare kei due to their mostly bright and colorful look, their bassist Hibiki typically embraces the darker visual kei aesthetic.

Their fun, catchy music mixes flavors from a variety of styles including dance, pop, rock, heavy metal, and Latin. At times they even incorporate the traditional sound of Okinawa, where vocalist Sasaki Jin hails from. One of the more prolific bands in terms of live shows and able to boast an impressive discography, Serial⇔NUMBER has surprised their listeners more and more as they've grown, and will be a joy to watch as they continue to develop.
line up
: Sasaki Jin

: Hibiki

: Shiyuu


: Kazune [2005 / 2009 - ] 

  • : Tama [2005 / 2006 - - support member]
The band formed in April 2005 with vocalist Sasaki Jin, Kazune and Shiyuu on guitars, and Tama on bass. After their first live in July at Takadanobaba AREA, they continued to perform there and at Shinjuku club HOLIDAY regularly for the rest of year. Their live activities continued during 2006 at a variety of venues, and their drummer Kai joined the band in March. Bassist Tama left shortly after, and Serial⇔NUMBER then embarked on their spring countrywide tour, Road to Shiisaa.

On May 10 the band's first maxi single, Hibiscus mile home, went on sale. Their spring tour ended in early June and the next month saw the release of their second maxi single, Orion to hanabi to tabidatsu doushiguwaa tachi e. Throughout August Serial⇔NUMBER performed all over the country again, this time as part of SPEED DISK PRESENTS Shinrabanshou TOUR'06#2, and on the 20th their current bassist Hibiki joined. The fall saw two solo lives for the band, one in September and the other in November, plus a slew of additional performances at various visual kei hot spots throughout the rest of the year.

February 2007 marked the beginning of two consecutive months of lives, towards the end of which the band released their first full album, Human drama. Serial⇔NUMBER continued their grueling schedule of live shows throughout the rest of the summer. Midway through October they released their single Attention please, which reached sixth place on the Oricon indies chart. Their maxi single SAL~Kuuchuu sanpo~ was released the next month and reached a respectable 16th on the indies chart.

That month the band embarked on another countrywide tour, Shiaru koukuu SAL~Attention, please!~, which took them to the expected cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sendai), and in addition Kobe, Okayama, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Hamamatsu, Morioka, and Takasaki.

2008 was a great year for the band. Their single COLOR STYLE went on sale in March and reached an impressive second place on the Oricon Indies chart, and their single that came out the next month, Airashiisaa, fell only slightly below at third place on the same chart. Without slowing down, they released their self-titled full album in July.

On the live front, throughout July and August Serial⇔NUMBER performed as part of stylish wave '08 MAX. After that they launched into their own countrywide tour, called Music chanpuru 2008 samaa "Airashiisaa", which continued through September.

Their first single of 2009, Churasan ga koronda was released in January, and was followed by another single, Chinese Ring, on May 20th. Kazune has recently announced he will leave the group after August 21st, following the final show of their summer tour Otsukare Samba♪ de SUN SUN SUMMER Tour-'09. But if the band continues to give listeners quality releases and frequent live performances as they've been doing, fans will have plenty to look forward to in the coming months and hopefully years.

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