Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

PSC 7 Days

session band for day 1: RUI-bass, MASATO-guitar, Keiyuu-vocal , Kazuki-guitar, Nao-drums .

session band for day 2: Vocal/Guitar- Aoi, Kazuki-guitar, Chiyu-bass, Jin-drums [band name= aoiwithbon:cra-z]

session band for day 3: Shin and.. I cant tell who the other person is.

Session band for day 4: Bass: dude from Kra, Guitar-Reno, Ryouga-Vocal, guitar- guy from kra, Ko-ki - Drums

Session band for day 5: K-guitar, Saga-bass, Ruki-vocal, HIroto-guitar, ko-ki-Drums. [band name: LU/V]

Day 6 is considered SESSION NIGHT. Two bands have not been given but, one band is THB, the other is the band from Day 1.

The FINAL DAY: session band has not been revealed.


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