Jumat, 18 Februari 2011


wohooo XD mina-san

pastinya tau KitKat dum.. XD

have a break..have a kitkat

wohoo....  cuklat nyang satu ini emang bener2 enak dah XD
ane lebih milih dapet KitKat dri pada ketburi atawa tobleron XD
tpi sangatt di sayangkan :( di INDONESIA KitKatnya cuma ituu..ituu aja --a
STANDAR dah kata anee --

nah ... ane mo share dikit nii tentang look.a kitkat di negara JEPANG sanna XD


wohooo gimanna XD
bikin ngiler pan XD

nii ulasan dikit ttg kitkat :)

Delighting chocolate lovers all over the world, KIT KAT has become a favourite chocolate treat thanks to its light wafer texture and delicious chocolate taste!

KIT KAT was first created and launched by Rowntree Limited of York, England and was later produced by Nestle which aquired Rowntree in 1988, (except in the USA, where is  made under license by Hersheys).

The brand quickly gained much popularity and spread to all corners of the globe, and is now available in over 70 countries in MANY different varieties.

KIT KAT consists of several layers of creme-filled wafer covered in smooth milk chocolate. Each finger of the traditional four finger bar can be snapped off one at a time.

Other types of the popular product have been launched over the last 10 years, including KIT KAT CHUNKY  - great to eat on the go and is also available the world over.

Since the beginning, KIT KAT has been synonymous with having a 'break'. The brand's trademarked tagline 'HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KIT KAT' has come to represent much more than just the physical 'snap' of the wafer fingers!

Did you know?
  • KIT KAT continues to be one of the world's best selling confectionery brands.
  • The 1997 Guinness Book of Records states that 13.2 billion KIT KAT fingers were sold worldwide in 1995 and that every second, 418 KIT KAT fingers are consumed worldwide.
  • Every five minutes enough KIT KAT is manufactured to outstack the Eiffel Tower, while one year's production would stretch around the London underground more than 350 times.
  • Launched in 1935 as Chocolate Crisp, KIT KAT was supposedly named after the KitKat Club, an 18th century Whig literacy club. As the building had very low ceilings, it could accomodate only paintings which were wide but not too high. In the art world, such paintings became known as 'kitkats'. It is therefore conceivable that the humble KIT KAT derived its name from paintings which has to be snapped off to fit into low ceilinged rooms.
  • Many exotic KIT KAT flavours exist in different countries around the world, depending on local tastes. Some examples include the 'green tea' flavoured KIT KAT in Japan, or Peanut Butter flavoured KIT KAT in UK and Canada.
  • KIT KAT factories are located in York (UK), Toronto (Canada), Hamburg (Germany), Ponda (India), Chembong (Malaysia), Tianjin (China), Kasumigaura (Japan), Campbellfield (Australia), East London (South Africa) and Hershey (USA).

    wohooo mina-san XD
    maaf yak XD
    kalian pasti bilang saiia kurang kerjaan XD
    ngapain juga uploa poto kitkat genne XD
    makasi dah cek posting maniak KitKat inii XD

    nii buat hiburan :)
    game kitkat XD

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